The Gallup polling organization has characterized a recent Obama’s collapse in the polls as “notable.” In one week, the daily tracking numbers have skewed 9 points to John McCain.

The two are now tied nationally among registered voters 44-44%. Considering only likely voters, Gallup said earlier this week that McCain leads Obama by 4 points. Obama’s lead has been entirely erased in one week. He led 49-40% on July 24th.

Gallup says this about Obama’s declining support:

Obama and McCain were closely matched in each of the three nights of interviewing included in today’s result, with neither candidate ahead by more than three percentage points. This suggests that the recent surge in voter support for Obama has truly subsided.

The contrast between Obama’s recent advantage over McCain (ranging from six to nine points) and today’s result is particularly notable because this is McCain’s strongest showing in over a month.

Other blogs had noticed the trends yesterday. Main stream media organizations are scratching their heads in disbelief, including the latest news from Minnesota.