Here is the new John McCain attack ad characterizing Barack Obama as the “Chosen One.” Full text and video below.

In the new attack ad, McCain makes fun of Obama as the “Chosen One” with biblical references and imagery of over-adulating young spectators at his campaign events. The question left at the end is not whether or not Obama is a rock star, but whether or not he is ready to lead serious people.

John McCain will be criticized for this negative ad from the left and some on the right, just as his last commercial was criticized. But from a political perspective what matters is their effectiveness. Obviously the McCain camp believes that driving down Obama’s negatives right now before the convention is strategically important. The Obama camp agrees which is why they have reflected such a visceral reaction to the ads this week including the latest one that they call “juvenile antics.”

The McCain camp has also made a calculation that negative ads against Obama are about the only way to get media attention given the 10-1 coverage that Barack Obama is receiving from the press.

Video and text of the ad are below.

McCain Ad: Obama, He is the One

McCain Obama Attack Ad
“He is the One”
Full text

In 2009 the world will be blessed
They will call him The One
[Obama speaks – we are the one’s we have been waiting for.]

And he has anointed himself ready to carry the burden of The One.
to quote Barack,
“I have become a symbol of America returning to our best traditions.”

Who can do no wrong.
[Obama in interview – Do you have any regrets? “Never.”]

Can you see the light?
[Obama speaks – a light will shine upon you.]

The world shall receives his blessings.
[Obama speaks – Charlton Heston imagery.]

He may be The One.

But is he ready to lead?