Wal-mart has apparently been holding meetings to “educate” their managers and supervisors of what might happen if Democrats were to win this fall, according to the Wall Street Journal. Of course, the real fear here is that Wal-mart is dreading new legislation under consideration that would make it easier for workers to unionize companies like Wal-mart. To be honest, I’m not really sure of the genesis of this lefitst hate of Wal-mart (except that they hate all successful capitalists). My friend who works for the DNC is constantly harping about how awful Wal-mart is, they don’t provide health insurance, over time, etc. etc. The fact is, despite what you libs want to hear, Wal-mart is probably the best welfare agency this country has. Wal-mart makes it possible for many low income/middle class folks to buy affordable groceries, clothes, electronics, etc. Why do you think it is that when times are rough, sales at Wal-mart raise drastically?

The so called Employee Free Choice Act would speed labor’s ability to push a union on workers, even when the workers may not want one. All it would require is for 50% of the workers to simply sign a card saying they want to join. Through constant brow-beating, threatening, cajoling, labor will easily be able to get enough of the non-educated workers to join their union. Right now it takes a secret ballot vote in order to unionize, which is obviously much harder to do, also more democratic to do. Once again liberals fail to understand the consequences of what this would mean. It would mean that the costs of goods at Wal-mart would rise by a good degree. Once Wal-mart is forced to pay employees at a certain salary, pay health benefits, etc., who do you think is going to actually pay for that? I’m sure the stock-holders of Wal-mart will generously cover those added expenses without passing them on to the consumer, and I’m sure pigs will fly out of my nose. I’m guessing that the various union organizations like the AFL-CIO would benefit greatly from legislation like this, possibly this is why they are spending over $300 million dollars on Democrats this election cycle.

What about the poor exploited workers at Wal-mart? How can I stand to see them be taken advantage of? The simple truth is, like most minimal wage employees, the vast majority of wal-mart employees who would be effected by unionization, would be teenagers. There are not many middle-aged men who support a family of 4 working the cash register at Wal-mart, that is the simple truth. Why are Democrats so willing to actually harm the buying power of the poor/middle-class so they can help teen aged kids get health-insurance and over-time benefits? It just makes no sense to me. I’m sure you all can tell me a story about your next door neighbor who is a working mom who works at wal-mart and how hard it is for them. But statistics are what they are, go to wal-mart some time and do a mental count, try to figure out how many of the employees are young kids in high school or college. The answer is most.

So, enjoy the good times now, after this fall election we are in store for Jimmy Carter II. Higher taxes, higher inflation, slower economic growth is on tap for everyone. Well, everyone who is not a rich, latte sipping limosine liberal, I’m sure those folks will be just fine.

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