There seems to be a dearth of information about the Global War on Terrorism these days. The Battle of Iraq is not being reported on. With so little news coming out of Iraq, its time to go looking to see what news we can find. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

During the most deadly periods of the Battle of Iraq it was on the news every night. My son happened to be doing a tour of duty there, in one of the deadliest areas of Baghdad, during that period of time. He was there for fifteen months and so I paid obsessive attention to what was on the news and what was happening there. That’s when I started understanding on a very personal level the discrepancy between what was reported on the American news and what was actually happening.

What I hated most was the body counts. There were nightly body counts that seemed to be done with glee thinly masked with feigned concern. You see, the point was, it was proof for the left that ‘Bush’s War’ was not working. The left had managed to undermine and lose the war in Vietnam that way. Now they were using the same methods to undermine our troops and lose this war.

One would think that the left wanted America to lose this war. I suppose if you asked them, they’d say that of course they don’t want America to lose a war. But losing the war is a way for them to get power. If they can convince the public that this is a war waged by Bush for personal gain and that it is without cause, then it increases their changes of regaining the White House and power. If that means losing the war, well, I guess that’s what it means. You know, kinda like convincing people that the economy is going down the toilet or doing whatever they can to cause banks to fail. Economic bad times generally means the party that is not in power will win. Its all about politics and its all about power. To hell with the best interest of the country, much less the people.

Which explains the lack of news reports on Iraq. No bad news equals no news.

So what is there to report about the war?

This month U.S. casualties were at their lowest since the 2003 invasion. Eleven service men were killed. That’s eleven too many, but a much better number than past numbers. Deaths of Iraqi security forces and civilians have also dropped dramatically. In fact, I think its safe to say that civilian deaths in any American metropolitan area probably exceed those in Baghdad.

But the left says the surge isn’t working.

Businesses in Iraq are re-opening and new businesses are starting to pop up around Baghdad.

But the left says that reports of improvement in Iraq are lies and exaggerations.

Dana Abdul-Razzaq is a 21-year-old Iraqi woman. She is the top female athlete in Iraq and will be competing in the Beijing Olympics. She has only been able to train for the last five years, but she will be competing. She’s been threatened by islamists who believe she is shaming islam by being a woman who is exhibiting her athletic ability. She’s survived assassination attempts and slander. But she will be competing in Beijing and representing her country.

But the left says that the surge hasn’t amounted to any improvement in the lives of Iraqis.

We heard nothing about Barack Obama’s touch down and take off from Iraq during his grand world tour. He had to go since it had been made known that he hadn’t bothered to check it out for himself. All we heard was that he had ‘agreed to disagree’ with General David Petraeus over the conditions there. We certainly didn’t hear about what kind of reception he got from the troops who are decidedly less than enthusiastic about the possibility of him being their Commander and Chief. They know what is at stake. We didn’t hear about any of that because it wouldn’t be politically expedient and would undermine the foundation upon which he has built his presidential bid.

And still the left tells us the surge isn’t working.

Maysoon al-Damluji is an Iraqi politician and women’s rights activist who has been in exile for many years. She has been able to return to Iraq and has founded and is working with the Iraqi Independent Women’s Group (IIWG). She is also working with the government to promote women’s rights.

Other politicians, physicians, athletes, artists, professors and scientists are returning to Iraq and helping rebuild their society in a fashion that is inclusive of those with varying points of views and is inhabited by free men AND women.

Remember, the left says the surge isn’t working.

What I have written here is only the tip of the iceberg. If I wrote all of the positive developments and news coming out of Iraq then both you and I would be here all night. So I’ll save it for another article on another day.

But don’t worry. The left assures us that none of these developments are due to the surge. I spent some time reading leftist websites and one after the other either completely ignores Iraq, denies theres been any improvement there or gives credit for the improvement to anything other than our troops.

The most common argument I read was that the terrorists had gotten tired of the bloodshed and decided to call a truss that was … coincidentally … at the same time that the surge began. These who use this argument scoff at the President and John McCain for suggesting that the surge has anything to do with the peace that is finding its way into Iraq. They even go so far as to say its ‘embarrassing’ that Bush and McCain suggest the troops had anything to do with it. Their contempt of our troops is utter and complete.

The left is quite sure that the surge has nothing to do with the progress in Iraq. For some on the left, winning is not an option.

The Surge – Video