The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the often fiery Robert Wexler, US Rep FL is not really a Florida resident.

Acknowledging that accusations that he doesn’t really live in Florida are raising “concerns” among his constituents, Democratic U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler said Tuesday that he will begin leasing an apartment in his congressional district rather than continue to claim residency at his in-laws’ home near Delray Beach.

Wexler made the announcement on the same day that his two challengers produced records showing Wexler received property tax breaks by declaring his house in Potomac, Md., a “primary residence” from 1999 to 2002. He also signed a loan document with his wife in 2005 describing the house as “my/our principal residence.”…

So, the guy obviously lives in Maryland with his wife and kids, and probably makes a trip down to Florida a few times a year to get donations and look good in front of the constituents. I mean, I thought that Hillary Clinton’s form of carpetbagging was bad, but this really does take the cake. You have to be a real A-hole, an arrogant SOB, or a liberal (same diff) to pull something like this off.

The good news for you Floridians is that Wexler has graciously agreed to rent an apartment in his congressional district (essentially acknowleding his guilt). Imagine that, actually owning a residence in the district that you represent, how novel.

So, the question is, does this matter in his re-election bid, or does the fact that he is now renting an apartment make it all better? Normally, perpetrating such a fraud might be considered an ethics problem. My guess is that this probably isn’t enough to make a difference to most liberals, but one would think that when it comes to ethics, party affiliation should be damned. Sen. Stevens is actually a good example of this. Being associated with the same part as Stevens, I still think the guy should be booted out of office, at the very least he is an arrogant pork-barreller, at the most he inappropropriately took gifts when he should not have (although Obama did the same in the form of a dirt-cheap deal on his house in Chicago from Rezko). I never see liberals condemn their own, even when it is clear he is guilty. In fact, in many ways having something like this on the resume is a badge of honor for libs (I mean, who hasn’t got a smoker in the Oval Office, everyone does it).

I really hope Floridians take this as an opportunity to clean up “the most ethical congress ever.” The only problem is, Republicans seem to be dead set on running people who couldn’t win dog-catcher this year. Oy vey!

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