Welcome to this weeks caption contest at Right Pundits. This week we are taking a look at Barack Obama and Timothy Kaine.

As you know, Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine is on the super duper very short list for Obama’s vice-presidential running mate. So it seems time to take a closer look at Kaine and his relationship with Obama. Here the two of them together at some function or the other.

So caption it for us :)

Winners will be announced next week.

…. and the winners from last week are ….. :

  • 1st Place – Wyatt Earp: Senator Obama reacts after seeing Helen Thomas bend over.
  • 2nd Place – Tom: Hmmm….should I get the Moka Java or the Kona blend half-caf latte?
  • 3rd Place – L Rivera: And to think that there was a time where these lackeys bought the ‘change’ mantra without asking: ‘Change to where?’…