Three-time Grammy Award-winning American rapper and Obama favorite, Ludacris, has released an Obama love song, Politics: Obama Is Here. Read about it below and see lyrics and the video ….

Ludacris has released a new song in support of his favorite presidential hopeful, Barack Obama. Obama has said before that Ludacris is one of his favorite rappers and has him on heavy rotation on his iPod. He has said he likes Ludacris’ ‘artistry’. The two met one time and discussed family values and being a good role model. You know, like calling women bitch and pretty much every one the ‘n’ word.

Now, the presidential hopeful has a new fav song to put on his iPod. Its about change. Hope. And Hillary being a b*tch. He says since she ‘hated on Obama’ that she’s ‘irrelevant’. Honestly, I was impressed he knew ‘irrelevant’. He gets even more artistic than that. He calls for McCain to be paralyzed and called Bush ‘mentally handicapped’.

Obama may have a new campaign song here.

Sooooo …. Hillary’s campaign immediately responded. Her former national finance co-chair, Yashar Hedayat said ….

“I hope Senator Obama has the presence of mind to denounce and distance himself from Ludacris,” Hedayat wrote in an email to the Huffington Post. “In May, when Father Pfleger made those horrible remarks about Senator Clinton at Trinity United, Senator Obama didn’t do much to defend her and John McCain was the first to rush to her defense.”

See? He not only denounced it. He then reminded everyone that Obama’s response to the whole Father Pfleger thing was weak at best and then went on to praise Senator McCain for coming to Hillary’s defense. That response speaks volumes as to what the Hillary people think of Obama.

These kinds of misogynistic attacks on Hillary just play right into her argument that sexism was a factor in the democratic party deciding to give the nomination to Barack instead of her. LORD she HAS to be LOVING this kind of thing. Remember, she suspended her campaign. She isn’t really completely out of the game.

I don’t know, I’m not feeling the love here. Just not feeling the love.

When Obama campaign staffer, Bill Burton was shown the lyrics he asked, “What does this mean?”

No word yet on who Obama has chosen to be Minister of Music in his Administration. He might could appoint one as the Minister of Music and the other as his senior speech writer. We will keep you informed as the drama unfolds.

Ludacris Obama – Video