Updated article originally published July, 2008.

Here is the ferocious “Montauk Monster” in all of of her glory. See photos of the Plum Island creature, the elusive video, and join the discussion.

The mysterious creature washed up on Plum Island, a New York beach on July 29th, 2008 and was in the news again in October 2010. See the latest images here.

Speculation is rampant on the internet that the “Montauk Monster” is a space alien. Or is it a secret military project? A horrible experiment by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)? A skinned pig? Maybe a turtle without a shell, like those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of stone-age TV.

(Update October, 2010) Alas, spoilers and cheats are declaring the Montauk monster a raccoon. They must be blind.

We here at Right Pundits believe that the “Montauk Monster” represents change, and may even offer some hope. We urge the Democratic party to nominate the Montauk creature at the convention in Denver as a comprise between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Only He, the Chosen One, can bridge the divide between the United States and Europe, between rich and poor, between Christian and Muslim, between Obama and Hillary. We continue to recommend Obama as Vice President. After all, the Montauk monster has more experience than Barack and she is sexier than Hillary. Besides, Montauk-Obama would make a catchy bumper sticker, and why would you want a woman on the bottom when she can be way up on top?

Read way too much about this evil sea creature here and see the video below which explores the Legend.

Legend of the Montauk Monster