A High School in Gonzales,Texas has a unique way of teaching your teen the dress code. This has, of course, caused an uproar. Read about the controversy and see a photo of the dress code solution below.

I have a feeling this is gonna get interesting quite fast. I predict bazillion dollar lawsuits from the parental units the very split second one of their perfect and entitled teens has their widdle feelers hurt.

The school district, in what will be a futile, yet admirable attempt at keeping conservative values intact, has decided that students violating the school dress codes will have to wear jumpsuit for a day. The jumpsuit is similar to what is worn in jails but blue in color.

Prior to this, when student’s disobeyed, they had to sit in the office until the parent’s brought them proper attire, or face in-school suspension.

Some of the brilliant teens at the school have informed the district that their plan will backfire … they will willingly break the dress code just to wear the jumpsuit. How precious is that! And soooo unexpected!!!

Some parent’s are already complaining that this enforcement of the rules will make their child feel like a prisoner. Well golly gee whiz! Who’da thunk that allowing your teen to be a miscreant might have a negative affect on them?

You may have noticed that our nation has the majority of the most spoiled (all the easier to ignore them that way) and demanding children in the world. Parental units know little about actually parenting a child in this hysterical and over liberal atmosphere we reside in. They can’t be bothered teaching manners, education, morals, common decency and good citizenship.

Parent’s cannot be bothered teaching their children that not only are there rules, there’s also valid reasons behind those rules. There’s consequences when the rules are broken, and they apply equally to all.

We are constantly amazed, outraged, at the rapid rise in pregnancy, criminal activity, drinking, drugging and doing as they please teens of today. The boy’s think looking *gangsta* is where it’s at … and the girls seem to love that *hootchie mama ho* look. Their parent’s didn’t care enough to instill even a modicum of decency in them …. so who is really at fault?

Our teachers are now expected to take abuse in all forms from insolent teens, or face the wrath of parent’s wanting their 15 minutes of infamy or a lawsuit. They have no comprehension of the words modesty, self respect, honor.

Our youth today have no actual guidance from those that should be helping them.

Instead, they turn to each other, and more often than not, it’s those that *gots* that are the one’s they listen to. Who is around to tell them differently? And seriously, in a world that’s all about *me*, what parent wants to take the time to be bothered? By making everything about them, they include raising their children to believe that the laws of society apply to everyone BUT them. Because a particular teen happens to be their offspring, then by gosh, they shall NOT be held accountable for anything they do. EVAH!

These are the Clintonesque era parents, by-products of extreme liberalization, coddling, and wanting a world filled with no societal rules or obligations. The tree huggers, the “let’s fix that pedophile”, counsel that murdering rapist, because we are soooo civilized folks.

These are the people that have turned our judicial system into a laughing stock, with their tap on the pinky sentences for the most vile among us. They are enablers. They enable the delinquency of their offspring, their pregnancy’s, and of course then encourage the murder of the unborn.

It often starts with something as simple as dress code, that you are aware of in advance, and then get your tail feathers ruffled when your child defies the rules. All of a sudden, you see $$$$$$ instead of the actual child, fully knowing with a crazy nation of selfish and un-Godly liberals, that you will get your bazillion bucks.

There is no amount of money, nor anything in this world that is worth selling my child’s soul for …. which is what so many of you parents are actually doing when you ignore the loving and nurturing part of parenthood.

I wish we could unite behind our schools, our teachers, our students that really don’t stand much of a chance in this world due to the extreme lack of parenting these days. But we won’t. We are too busy trying to convince each other that our side is right …. and the sad part is, that fact is destroying our children.

How will we, how do we, ever show our youth we care ?