The Canadian National Vimy Memorial in France is the latest war memorial used as a site to film porn. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

A 30-something French couple decided to use the Canadian National Vimy Memorial as a backdrop for a porn video staring themselves. They did the nasty there and then uploaded the video to the internet and charged people to watch it. The couple was found guilty of exhibitionism. They were sentenced to a four-month suspended prison sentence, fined £400 each and order to pay a symbolic one euro in damages to Canada.

The Canadian war memorial is near Arras, France and was erected to honor and memorialize the 60,000 Canadians who lost their lives in World War I. The memorial was dedicated to the Canadian dead by King Edward VIII in 1936.

I’m guessing that this couple probably just thought the monument was a really cool backdrop for their internet enterprise. I’d be willing to bet they didn’t give a minutes thought to the blood that had been spilled on that ground by the very men they were disrespecting so that they have freedom to act like complete asshats.

I personally think the couple should have been sentenced to write a biography of every man’s name that is memorialized in the granite of that monument. Maybe then they would have some inkling of an understanding of who they disrespected and why it was so disrespectful.

Sadly, in recent years there has been an increase in war memorial porn and vandalism. What is THAT about? Apparently, the Canadian National Vimy Memorial is a popular site for exhibitionism and sexual acts. More ominously are incidents of out right vandalism, destruction and hate ‘speech’.

An incident in 2006 involved ‘youths’ vandalizing a memorial to British and American troops in Etaples, France. In that incident the ‘youth’ painted Swastikas on the memorial, used bright red paint to write ‘Saddam Hussein will win and spill your blood’ and ‘Death to Yankees’.

There have been numerous other incidents of desecrating and destroying the tombstones and memorials of British and American soldiers in France. Reports are that these incidents are increasing alarmingly.

So what IS that about?

We know that France has had a problem with out of control ‘youth’, which is their euphemism for immigrant islamic militant youth that have been rioting and creating chaos in their country. The French seem to not be able to get control of the situation and have relinquished entire areas of their country to these people.

On the other hand, there seems to be an entire generation raised to live lives of complete narcissism. They haven’t been raised to value service to God and country, participate in the betterment of their communities, respect Men in uniform, or honor war dead. They see no value in it.

The memorials that are being desecrated, vandalized, destroyed and used as the backdrop for porn videos are in France. The memorials are for British, American and Canadian men who went there in the Great War (World War I) and World War II …. and died there …. to save the French.

I think France owes it to all of the nations that have sacrificed our men on their behalf to decisively deal with this problem. I think France owes us all an apology.

Canadian National Vimy Memorial – Video