Oliver Stone continues to rewrite history with his newest film W. View the movie trailer here.

Oliver Stone’s ‘W’ – Movie Trailer

Whether or not Oliver Stone has one iota of credibility with anyone in the world is irrelevant to the fact that he uses hollywood productions to present history through the lens of his own perspective. Or, perhaps, its history as per his own personal and political agendas. It doesn’t really matter. We are subjected to the fall-out of his many efforts at defining history for the lesser informed through the medium of entertainment. Unfortunately, many people will come away from watching this, and his other movies, believing it is fact rather than fiction.

Rumor has it that its more of a Lifetime Television for Women quality movie than a Oscar quality movie. I don’t know and can’t tell from the trailer. From what I have read and seen, it looks like a soap opera to me.

In the past, Stone has anointed sainthood on President’s he liked (Kennedy) and vilified President’s he didn’t like (Nixon). Both of those movies were made years after the subject of the movie was no longer President and no longer alive. In this case, the subject of his derision is still a sitting President and very much alive. We have free speech in this country, which includes the freedom to use ‘artistic expression’ to promote one’s political and religious views, so Stone has every right to make this or any other movie he wants. He has the money and the resources to do it any way he likes.

He seems very fond of Cuba and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (assuming he’s still alive), but he would be executed for making a movie like this about Castro. Now, I could respect him for making a movie about Castro. At least that would show some real courage to stand up to a dictator. But he won’t do that. Fortunately for him, he lives in America where he can be just as vile as he wants without consequence. He can also make himself millions from criticizing the very country that affords him the opportunity and freedom from consequence to do just that.

You’d think he’d love the country for that. But instead, he goes out of his way and spends millions of his dollars to paint the country and its leadership in the worse possible light.

I suppose the question is whether or not it matters. It is along the lines of those Michael Moore movies that are so ridiculous that no one takes them seriously. Well, no one that understands history and understands our country. Perhaps Stone will continue to move into the Michael-Moore-is-a-joke category. Perhaps not.

There are those in America who will believe Stone’s version of history. What bothers me more than that is that many abroad will believe it. Why wouldn’t they? This is how they get to know us, through movies and the news. If our own citizens find our nation despicable, then foreigners would have no reason to believe otherwise. In fact, they would be foolish to question America’s view of itself.

That is where the problem lies.

I hear people complain about our image in the world (which I have not found to be nearly as bad as people claim it is). If it is as bad as they say, then where does the fault lie? I think you don’t have to look farther than the loud minority who can’t express their patriotism for fear they won’t be ‘cool’. Or who go abroad and spend their time criticizing the U.S., only to get responses from those listening to them and come home convinced we are hated abroad. If you put out that message, its the message you are going to get in return.

Its a shame there aren’t consequences for treason anymore.