Today is Rush Limbaugh’s 20th Anniversary as a radio talk show host. With a loyal listening audience of more then 20 million to his daily 3 hour radio program, he is beloved by many conservatives, and hated by many liberals. He believes what he says and takes great joy in tweaking the powerful.

Ask the proverbial “Man-on-the-Street” who they think of when they hear the words “talk radio,�? and chances are most will say “Rush Limbaugh.�? In the talk radio business, there is Rush Limbaugh and then there’s everyone else. For the last 20 years, he has been educating, engaging, energizing, entertaining, mentoring and even occasionally outraging the radio listening audience in a way no other talk-radio show host ever has.

An original thinker and a champion of conservative principles, his contributions to American politics and the conservative movement cannot be understated and is really quite remarkable no matter which side of the aisle you stand.

His conservative principles have rocked the airwaves with irreverent, honest, and unapologetic monologues, while thumbing his nose at the formality of the networks, and, in a funny and memorable way, taking the mainstream media to task for the liberal bias that clouded their reporting.

Rush is unmerciful in dealing with politicians and public figures. Some of his favorite targets of his parodies and monologues have included Nancy Pelosi, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and of course Barack Obama.

“I think President Bush has finally lost his mind: I heard the president’s radio address on Saturday, and Bush was the one who gave it. Now, who does he think he is? We all know that the president of the United States is Barack Obama!”

A Pew Research Center study showed that Limbaugh’s listeners are among the most informed citizens in the country. Those who listen to Rush on a daily basis, do indeed tend to agree with him more than disagree, but Rush’s true secret is the ability to make his listeners think.

From his “Club Gitmo” merchandise (my personal favorite is the Orange T-Shirt imprinted with “My Mullah Went to Club G’itmo and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt”) to his “Rush 24/7 Stack of Stuff,” he keeps his listeners connected and informed in a variety of ways.

“Talent on loan from Goddddddddd.” I can hear him say that can’t you? Frankly I adore him and yes I am a dittohead.

“Rush Limbaugh, CBS Evening News w/ Katie Couric – Free Speech” Video