Anti-Obama documentary to debut during DNC week.

“HYPE: The Obama Effect”, is a new documentary by Citizens United Productions. It examines presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama and his record. An ad campaign launched today promoting the film which premieres on Sunday, August 24th in Denver before the Democratic National Convention.

Former Monica-gate investigator and president of Citizens United David Bossie, and award-winning documentary filmmaker Alan Peterson, have created the most controversial expose’ of a presidential candidate in many years.

Bossie and Peterson thoroughly examine the political and media phenomenon that is Barack Obama. And they do this with a cast of some of America’s most respected politicians, political pundits, activists and scholars.

Is Obama the new Kennedy or a recycled Jimmy Carter? Is he the one who will finally change Washington or is it politics as usual? Is he the uniter the country hopes for or just another arrogant liberal divider? And what’s with the teenage crush the media seems to have on him?

Bossie has said his researchers for HYPE have been “all over Barack Obama’s record, for what there is available.? He has placed ads around the country searching for Obama’s 1983 senior thesis at Columbia University, but came up empty-handed. “We don’t have the resources of ABC News or NBC News,? Bossie said, but added that his researchers scoured for information in Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Honolulu.

“Those that haven’t been swept up in hype are wondering who this untested politician is and what he stands for — that’s where this film comes in,” David Bossie said.

HYPE’s cast includes former Illinois State Senators Patrick O’Malley and Steve Rauschenberger, former US Senator Rick Santorum, African-American commentators Shelby Steele and Armstrong Williams, political strategist Dick Morris, journalists Byron York and Michael Barone, Tucker Carlson, and many others who possess information necessary for voters to make an educated decision on which candidate should get their vote.

Bossie and Peterson are hoping that HYPE shines a bright light on the man many believe will sit in the Oval Office. You know that man — the one who pals around with a former terrorist, an indicted businessman, and a supporter of Islamic terrorism; the man who possesses the most flimsy of legislative records yet seeks the highest political office in our land; and the man who would command the most powerful military on the face of the earth.

“HYPE: The Obama Effect” is a full-length feature documentary that after it’s premier in Denver, will be released on DVD Sept. 1 and will be playing in select theaters across the country after that.

The Obama campaign has yet to comment on the film but I am sure they will.

“HYPE: The Obama Effect Trailer” Video