Here is Anna Patterson, founder of the “Cuil” search engine which is the rage today. They are the latest search engine to challenge Google for market share.

What an undertaking to launch a new search engine, even a company as well capitalized as this one. Take on Google? Wow. Some of the tech sites love the idea. Google’s dominance of the online search market with about a two-thirds share of US users is disconcerting to some.

Cuil (pronounced “Cool”claims to index 120 billion webpages, which they say is 3x more that Google. Make that 121,617,892,992 web-pages to be exact as of July 28th 2008. That is what they are trumpeting — more pages meaning more useful information for their users, and sorted more relevantly than Google.

Unfortunately their response time shows it this morning which is 300x Google if you can even get their pages to resolve. Ouch. servers seem to be overwhelmed by the sudden publicity.

The whole thing seems rushed. If you can manage to get to their “about Cuil” page, do not bother clicking on the “management” page to learn more about Anna Patterson. The page is not found. Or maybe that server crashed already.

So there are growing pains but we sure hope they will be successful in this endeavor. More competition is usually good in the technological marketplace, so a successful Cuil will push the other search engines to continue innovating.

And it does not hurt to have more sources of referrals. One of our celebrity sites scored our first referral from Anna Patterson’s Cuil search engine today!


The company was founded by Anna Patterson and Tom Costello, who are married. Patterson was hugely instrumental in developing Google’s original search engine index, while husband Costello worked on search engine technology at Stanford University and IBM,

He is from Ireland while Anna Patterson was born in Chicago. She was born in 1973 which makes her only 33 years old! She obtained a PHd in Computer Science from the University of Illinois. She went from college to Stanford as a research scientist. She was the leading data architect for “TeraGoogle” from 2004-2006. There she built a fabulous reputation and went on to form her own company.

With all over her success, Ms. Patterson managed to have four children (so far) with Costello.

Cuil was born in 2006 and finally launched on Monday, July 28 2008. The company is closely held now so sorry, there is no Cuil stock yet. Congratulations to Anna Patterson and her team!

See pics of Anna and an informative presentation on the Cuil search engine below.

Cuil Search Engine