Actress Jennifer Siebel is the new wife of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. They married in 2008 at her parents Montana ranch, and now she is pregnant carrying his baby while starring in her very own Indie film with steamy sex scenes. Read about it below, read her biography, see photos and a video.

And as an update to this story, the happy couple are pregnant. Well she is pregnant and he is just smoking the cigars. Read all about it here. And if you are really curious about how she performs in bed, see the Fox News article on a steamy sex scene in a movie called “The Trouble With Love.”

What follows is our original story from July.


Actress Siebel married San Francisco Mayor and California Gavin Newsom on July 26, 2008, at her parents ranch in Montana. Apparently, heterosexual marriages are still legal in Montana. Newsom has been in the news a good bit lately with troubles over his ‘sanctuary city’ policy that lead to the murder of the husband and sons of Danielle Bologna. And, of course, the sex scandals.

The couple married at her parent’s working horse ranch, so there was rodeo and cowboy fun at the rehearsal dinner. They say Newsom donned a cowboy hat, horsed around on a horse, tried to rustle a steer and I’m guessing not a single hair was out of place when he finished. The couple are honeymooning in Africa, so the theme of the wedding was ‘Out of Africa’ with a touch of Montana. It sounds like an interesting combination.

The residents of San Francisco had a hefty bill in order to pay for the Mayor’s trip, which included transporting his specially equipped SUV to Montana (a 2,000 round trip) and extra security needed for him and other politicians attending the festivities.

Newsom is 40-years-old and has previously been married to legal analyst Kimberly Guilfoyle who he divorced in March 2006. This is Siebel’s first marriage.

Jennifer Siebel Biography

Jennifer Lynn Siebel was born on June 19, 1974 in San Francisco, California. She is 33 years old. Her parents are Ken and Judy Siebel. Her father is an investment manager and her mother is a co-founder of the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito.

Siebel is an actress who has appeared in several guest starring roles on television including seven episodes on ‘Life’. She received a Bachelors Degree in Business from Stanford University School of Business. Jennifer has worked for Conservation International, a global environmental organization through which she has worked in Africa and South America.

She was a star athlete while at Stanford, particularly in soccer, but had to quit due to a back injury. She still plays many sports, sings and dances. She supports a number of organizations that have to do with the environment, education, womens issues, childrens rights and the alleviation of poverty.

She is now the First Lady of San Francisco.

Jennifer Siebel – Video