Bernard Obama is Barack Obama’s 37 year old brother. He currently resides in the UK with his Mama, and is very faithful to his Muslim roots and beliefs. Read about him and see a family photo below.

A British tabloid talked with Barack Obama’s brother, Bernard, while Obama was in London on his Most Excellent World Tour.

Bernard, born to Kezia and Barack Obama Sr. in 1970 leads a normal and serene life working at a car parts firm in Nairobi, Kenya. He visits his 67-year-old mom frequently and informs us she is a huge Elvis fan. (good woman!)

Bernard was 17 when he met Barry for the first time. He has since met him again, along with Barack’s wife, Michelle, while they were visiting Kenya. He finds them both charming and charismatic.

Bernard Obama also loves football, but thinks his brother prefers basketball.

Bernard states: “I’m a Muslim, I don’t deny it. My father was raised a Muslim, but it’s not an issue. I don’t know what all the hullabaloo is about.�? Bernie also states that Barack is a “staunch Christian.”

Bernard was a tender 12 years old when his father,the multi-married Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was allegedly killed in a car accident in 1982.

If you recall earlier press releases, you will remember that Obama Sr., biological father to many, left Kenya in 1959, having obtained a US scholarship. Kezia, his first wife and three months’ pregnant with daughter Auma, already had a year-old son Malik to look after.

However, lucky for the Obamamaniacs, he abandoned Kezia when he met Barry’s mom Ann while in Hawaii. That union produced the 2nd coming, Barack Hussein Obama in August of 1961, or did it? Obama Jr. won’t show anyone his real birth certificate so who knows.

Sadly for Barry and mom Ann, Barack Sr. abandoned them in 1965 and returned to Kezia in Kenya, where Kezia produced 2 more sons Abo, in 1968, and Bernard in 1970. He then took off again and married at least 2 more women, Ruth
Nidesand and the other listed as unknown.

Bernard wishes he could have had a brief visit with his brother, but understands Barry’s whirl wind world tour to ensure the Presidential crown in November is far more important than any family member. He understands his brother is “busy”, solving world problems, and really cannot embrace his kinfolk right now.

However, Bernard maintains that “Barack is going to win the election, definitely, and I want to be in the US for his inauguration.”

Well Bernard, I’m sure you will be. Your brother Barack Hussein has a very open immigration policy and there is nothing to stop you and the rest of your kin from immigrating to and infiltrating the US.

You seem like such a decent and kind man, I can’t help but wonder why your brother thinks politics is more important than you and your family. Maybe he can’t face you yet because he hasn’t arranged the meeting with Beyonce and the niece Akinyi that y’all share? Trust me, it will happen. Our celebrities have no mind of their own, and do as they are told by people like your brother, and our self appointed Queen, Oprah.

Family values … sounds so nice. Better to practice them than just run your mouth. Kinda sad, really.