What is quickly turning into the political issue of the season, Republicans continue to hold strong on drilling for more oil. They have promised to defeat any energy bill that did not include ending the Congressional ban on offshore drilling. Democrats, who are always looking for a scapegoat, currently want to nail “speculators” since they could not stick it to Big Oil. The bill would have tried to reign in “excessive” energy speculation by hedge fund managers, etc. The bill lost 50-43 and they refused to even allow a pro-drilling amendment to be attached to the bill. One thing interesting about that vote is there there certainly seem to be enough Democrats who are willing to side with Republicans on drilling to get something done, so I’m guessing Reid can’t be happy about that.

Since the summer Congressional break is soon upon us (do those guys ever work?) Democrats may find a way to totally screw themselves by leaving for vacation without resolving a single thing regarding energy. Why all the games? They are simply using American pocketbooks as a political issue, and they are on the overwhelmingly loosing side of this issue.

In a piece of classic Harry Reid, instead of doing something constructive, he lashes out at reporters, reportedly telling one to “turn up your Miracle Ear” and asking them if they spoke English. Man, you know it is a bad day for Democrats when they are lashing out at the the media. Of course, they know fully well that they are on the loosing side of this argument, but the environmental whack jobs have these guys locked up in a vise, there is nothing they can do. The Dems have to stick to their talking points and hope they weather the storm. Unfortunately it is the average working stiff who is still paying near $4.00 per gallon to get to work every day.