Scottish National Party Beats Labour in Glasgow East!

The conservative resurgence in Great Britain continued on Thursday as the Scottish National Party humiliated Gordon Brown’s Labour Party in Glasgow’s open seat in a whopping 22% swing from the last election.

This is the second crushing defeat for the liberal Labour Party in two months after a historic trouncing in local London elections in May, the so-called “Black Friday” election. Read more here.

Now we know why Barack Obama did not stop in Great Britain on his tour of Great Expectations. They do not seem to like liberals there anymore.

Said Victor John Mason of the Scottish National party: “Three weeks ago, the SNP predicted a political earthquake. This is off the Richter scale. The tremors will be felt all the way to Westminster. Tonight we have removed the dead hand of Labour control.” Right Pundits notes that finally Boswell has his revenge on Samuel Johnson.

The seat lost was supposedly the 25th safest parliamentary seat for Labour, an open seat after the incumbent saw the writing on the wall.

The Scottish National Party is generally considered a center-left party in Great Britain whose driving issue is Scottish independence. It is an amalgamation of the Scottish Party and National Party which historically were both left and right of center respectively. Their victory indicates the utter disarray and voter dissatisfaction with Gordon Brown’s Labour Party.

Expect that Great Britain will have a new Prime Minister by the end of the year after an early general election is called. In it Labour will be routed in a Conservative Party landslide. It is only a matter of time now. Get acquainted with the dashing future Prime Minister David Cameron. Unlike Obama, Cameron has a brilliant track record and is known for intellectual depth on the issues.

See a news conference video below.

Scottish National Party Beats Labour