Hey, hey, hey. Time for the weekly Right Pundits caption contest. Help us find just the right caption for this photo of Barack Obama in one of his ‘I’m a world leader’ poses.

Barack Obama has been working hard at looking Presidential and he’s gotten a lot of help with that from the old media following him around like they are following Jim Jones to Guyana. Glory be, praise the Obama and hallelujah!

Here’s one of their thoroughly candid shots of Obama appearing presidential. We know its candid, because we know the Obamessiah’s people would never censor or fake the news. No high-gloss, multi-million-dollar, hollywood presentation for this guy … he’s just one of the people. He’s just one of us! Hallelujah!!!

So caption it for us :)

Winners will be announced next week.

…. and the winners from last week are ….. :

  • 1st Place – rodney dill: The Beijing Soprano Men’s Quartet prepares for concert.
  • 2nd Place – elliot: You guys sure have a weird hand shake.
  • 3rd Place – micky: Jesse Jacksons way of uplifting minorities.