Obama continues to show love to Europe.

Obama’s ‘important’ speech in Berlin, Germany today was referred to as Obamafest. He got lots of great photo ops and headlines out of the whole thing. Unfortunately, he didn’t get time to stop by and see wounded American troops in Germany. You know, he was busy and all. Read about it below and see photos and a video.


It started with the much ballyhooed trip to the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama said he wanted to meet with troops and generals to make an assessment as to whether or not we should continue to fight our enemies or bring the troops home in defeat. He got lots of photo ops with the troops and Hamid Karzai. The spit and polished campaign spots that were played over and over again turned out to be staged and faked. Whoops. We haven’t seen those anymore.

Turns out that despite his best attempts to manipulate the media coverage and make it appear the troops loved him, they didn’t. In fact, he did not get the warm reception he has become accustomed to where ever he goes. So he moved on and didn’t show anymore coverage of that.

After his brief touch down and take off in Iraq where he met General Petraeus, we got word that he ‘agreed to disagree‘ with the General. He AGREED TO DISAGREE WITH THE GENERAL! The arrogance of that is astounding.

Then he flipped off to Israel and Palestine and said all the wrong things to all the wrong people, continuing the embarrassment of one naive gaff after the next that would get anyone else laughed out of the country. Luckily for him, the press has his back and its hardly, if ever, reported. He was heckled at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall. It seems he put up campaign posters all over the place. Aside from his complete disrespect of the most holy of sites for Judaism, I didn’t know he was running for President of Israel.

Never mind. He got a good photo of him looking pensive and downright prayerful at the Wailing Wall that didn’t show a bit of the chaos that his presence there invoked. Best of all, he only had to stay there a few minutes and then he could leave for Europe which is a lot more fun.

The big plan was for a huge showing at the Obamafest in Berlin. He wanted to have it at Brandenburg Gate so he could invoke the images of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, but the dang Germans didn’t seem to understand that he was to give an ‘important’ speech and acted a little huffy about it. He had to settle for giving his speech at Hitler’s favorite Berlin monument the Victory Column. Best of all, his people arranged that big dog and pony show to happen immediately after a rock concert – but according to Obama’s people the old media, they were all there to see Obama.

No one mentioned that he had insulted France and England by spending so much time and money on Germany and just swinging by them as an afterthought. International politics are complicated and the simplicity with which Obama apparently sees the world doesn’t quite grasp the nuances of diplomacy.

++ Paris Left Cold by Obama Visit ++

3:30 p.m.: While Obama’s Berlin visit has caused a stir, hardly anyone is interested in his trip to Paris on Friday. There are hardly any French media reports on the eve of his visit. There is merely some grumbling about the extensive itinerary for his trip to Berlin. “A speech in Berlin, five little hours in Paris,” writes French daily Le Monde.

What about the troops? This whole thing was originally about the troops and the Global War on Terrorism, right? We kind of forgot about them once he got a cold reception from the troops on his first stops in Afghanistan and Iraq and he got caught making fake news reports about it.

Well, he apparently did learn that the troops watch Fox News during his short dash through their lives. He was able to use that to make a joke at Fox News’ expense – and insult the troops while he was at it. I’m sure he doesn’t realize he insulted them, because he doesn’t understand them at all. What he said was that the Commander and Chief makes them watch Fox News. The implication of that would be that they don’t have minds or will to do what they want. That’s the old liberal insult to American Soldiers. That they are just robotons without brains or free will. Poor, uneducated, kind of dumb guys who can’t do anything other than blow things up for ‘the man’ without giving thought to what they are doing. The concept of service to the country is so completely alien to him/them that they can’t conceive of honor, integrity, courage and duty for the sake of country.

After all, Obama made it clear, while he was in Berlin, that he’s a citizen of the world rather than of just America.

And now he ignores wounded Soldiers at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Its seems that Obama has never been to Berlin before and wanted to tour around a bit. He extended his stay there, cutting into his time in France. If he had gone by Landstuhl and the military bases in Germany, he’d have had even less time in Berlin.

Whoops! He didn’t mean to say that. He corrected it. He refined his explanation several times. After a long meeting with some of his 300 advisers, he made a statement that he felt it was inappropriate to go by to see the troops as part of a campaign stop [note reference to campaign posters at the Wailing Wall, which apparently he didn’t view as inappropriate]. But he told Berliners that he wasn’t there campaigning. Well, then he said that he had visited troops and even wounded troops in Afghanistan while he was there and felt it was intrusive for him to impose himself and his campaign on them while he was there.

Besides, he hadn’t gotten to a beer hall yet and Berlin is a GREAT city to visit and he had to get on to France to do a photo op or two before he had to head off to London to make sure he got a photo op with the King and Queen there (they do have a King and Queen, right?). There really is so little time and he’d already done what he came there to do, speak in Berlin about walls and stuff and look Presidential.

Then there the thing about the Soldiers not really being happy to see him. It was awful trying to get that ‘warm welcome by soldiers’ shot in Afghanistan. They had to do LORD ONLY KNOWS how many takes for him to make that basketball goal and a handful of soldiers meant close-in camera shots so it looks more crowded. How on earth could he get that kind of shot at a military base or a military hospital. What if they just aren’t thronging around him? It would be wasted time with no take-away great photos.

Oh hell, he’s not getting their votes anyway. He’ll write them off like he did West Virginia, Kentucky and any other state he knew he couldn’t win.

And besides, they are just American Soldiers and Obama is a citizen of the world.

7.28.2008 Update It turns out that in spite of the propaganda otherwise, the Germans weren’t as enthralled with Obama as he’d want us to believe. As if it mattered if they were …..

Here’s a fun Oktoberfest video.

Obamafest Berlin – Video