Meet Lucia Riina, the daughter of infamous Sicilian mob boss Salvatore Toto Riina. See her photos, biography and a video here.

She was married to a brave man named Vincenzo Bellomo in Corleone Sicily, which is dominating the news in my second favorite country, Italy. Sorry Obama. You are off the front page in Italy in favor of the Cosa Nostra. Lucia Riina is 28 years old while Vincenzo Bellomo is 34 years old.

There were only 100 invited guests at the wedding which did not include her father. Salvatore Toto Riina languishes in prison for crimes you can imagine. He has company because Lucia Riina’s brother and uncle sit incarcerated as well. She was given away by Giuseppe Riina, her brother was was recently released from prison. Her mother Ninetta Bagarella wore black. Bet she has seen a lot in her day.

In the tour guides they tell you that organized crime has been largely eradicated in Sicily. That is what the Italians want you to believe and they have clearly done a lot, but any tourist who has visited there can tell you otherwise. One of the telltale signs when I visit Sicily is that many towns have precisely one hotel only with no pensiones, and it is always much too large for the number of customers. It is a way to launder money on one hand in addition to cornering the market on whatever legitimate hotel business exists.

And so we see that Lucia Riina was married in an elaborate ceremony that could have been take right from The Godfather. There is a famous scene from that movie on the wedding day of Vito Corleone’s daughter in which a stream of attendees beg Marlon Brando for special favors. A mafia tradition is that the Godfather cannot refuse a request on his daughter’s wedding day.

I wonder what favors Salvatore Toto Riina granted from prison on the day of her wedding? Photos and a video are below, which gives you a great sense of the inside of a beautiful Italian church with lots of loaded weapons.

Lucia Riina Wedding Video