Updated with new video.

While chatting with reporters this week, Barack Obama noted that many of the televisions at army bases he visited in Iraq and Afghanistan were tuned to Fox News. He then went on to “question” a FOX reporter whether or not this was actually required watching by President Bush!

This morning on Fox & Friends, the anchors Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, and Brian Kilmeade pulled a quote from an exchange between Barack Obama and Fox’s correspondent Major Garrett in which Obama questioned whether the “Commander-in-Chief” had something to do with the fact that FNC seemed to be on most Armed Forces televisions. As if our military doesn’t have a say in what they watch for news coverage!

In checking with a source at General Petraeus’ office, it was confirmed that the military offers AFN [American Forces Network] news, which cycles through the various news networks – both cable and mainstream. Additionally, in many places troops can get CNN International and Fox News separate from AFN.

It makes perfect sense to me that troops overseas would prefer Fox News because they are getting fair treatment and fair perspective in the war coverage provided. Troops and their families are also frequently honored by FOX for their great service and sacrifice to this country.

I suppose this is just another example of Obama’s own liberal bias and pathetically weak military support.

Sorry Obama. The troop’s choice? It’s Fox News.

Updated: Major Garrett appeared on a Fox News show with David Asman and explained the exchange between he and Obama. Below you can watch a video of the interview with Major and the actual verbal jabs with Obama.

“Major Garrett explaining exchange with Obama” Video