Read why we need John McCain for President. See photos and a video below.

When John McCain’s Mother, Roberta McCain stated “hold your nose and vote for him”, that answered many questions I wasn’t aware I had … mainly that the man was not perfect, and furthermore, came from a family with morals, ethics and honesty ingrained in their family dynamic. Offspring raised in that type of family usually excel in sharing their humanity and compassion.

Initially, I would have chosen *none of the above*, when this race was narrowed down to McCain and Obama. John McCain’s willingness to coddle, excuse and welcome illegals in OUR country was infuriating, as well as his opinions on gun control. I also didn’t like his wife…simply because I strongly felt she needed a better haircut and softer look. (petty stuff, but hey, it’s how I think). I also think women of Michelle Obama’s age need not be wearing sleeveless dresses on national TV … but oh well. Our first lady should not only be smart, but sophisticated to a point.

When John McCain’s age became such an issue, along with Cindy McCain’s wealth, I became a bit defensive. It is not illegal, immoral or unethical to be old or rich. (and yes, I know it’s not illegal to wear tacky clothes in public, either)

Barack Hussein Obama’s popularity grew at much the same rate as the Beatles in the ’60’s. They were new, different, so darn cute, and had a message in every song. For the life of me I can’t tell you what those messages were today. I just remember their rapid ascent to the top. They, too, offered change and no one really cared what that change was, we were just young and ignorant enough to know without a doubt they were right about everything.

At the pinnacle of the Beatles popularity, John McCain was residing at the Hanoi Hilton. Serving our country, preserving our right to be consumed by change, by Beatlemania, cost him his freedom. Groovy, man … just groovy.

When he returned home, I saw my father cry for the first and only time. Daddy was in the Navy, too, and as with most decent Military personnel, any war takes it toll emotionally. Especially when you have civilians that barely know their ass from their elbow dictating how things should be done in the Armed Forces.

John McCain”s age seems to be the focal point of the uber liberals versus Barack Hussein Obama’s inexperienced youth and that set me to thinking. My generation was all about youth, and defying the older establishment. BUT! Believe it or not, as gullible and plain out and out stupid we were, the second we ran into trouble … who did we run to? It wasn’t to people our age, we turned to the older, sagacious folks that we had been certain knew absolutely nothing about anything. Ever.

Look at how my generation embrace *changed*, what we managed to do to this once great and proud country. We took prayer out of schools. We developed a welfare system enabling people to do absolutely nothing to take care of themselves, make their own way. We decided it was ok to murder millions of the unborn, because it was better to make love, not war, and why have a kid around to interfere with our fun? We destroyed families, and in the process ourselves and own offspring , by abiding by the “if it feels good, do it” mantra. We allowed criminals more rights than law abiding citizens, turned even the most vile into *victims*. We did away with the draft, thus allowing young men to freely join violent gangs and spread drugs and destruction wherever they chose. We accepted no one was responsible for anything, anymore.

We allowed our soldiers to be spat upon, our Flags burned, our police forces to be made a laughing stock … by allowing all the frivolous lawsuits. We disgraced the sanctity of marriage. We allowed ourselves to be convinced that immoral behavior was just super … because, after all, it was your life, man.

We allowed women the right to decide what to with their body … what the hell, ain’t like baby is actually a human, right? And if some broad wanted to have 5 kids by 17 fathers, more power to her … that’s what welfare is for!!!

We discarded our core beliefs, our own family values, because we were right and wanted change. Look around folks … how ya like the world today?

I also began to think of other differences between Obama and McCain. Recently there was the story of Kirk Coleman, Iraq war veteran. Paratrooper. One and one half tours … a hero. (never mind he set behind a desk nor saw combat) Last September, he brutally raped and beat his less than 3 month old infant, breaking most of her bones and causing permanent brain damage. The child became a non issue..his Iraq war veteran status was. The pedophile had numerous defenders … because this injustice, this brutality, was brought on not by Kirk, but by the war. McCain would have never accepted that, while Obama would have been quick to jump on the “see, I told ya this war was a bad idea” rhetoric again. (My opinion, people). Obama blames this war for everything wrong in America today, this would just be one more thing on his list.

Obama doesn’t want to listen to our Generals, he wants his own way, because he is oh so much smarter, and knows much more than anyone that actually saw a battlefield in action. He will decimate our Military. Obama feels experience is not necessary wherever he chooses to insert himself, because he is all perfect, all seeing, all knowing and the new *god* of the masses. He has brainwashed a nation.

McCain, on the other hand, regularly makes normal, innocuous mistakes and admits them. He is human … and doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know.

McCain would rather have children learn to avoid sex and pregnancy, versus Obama wanting abortion available if your daughter makes a mistake or 3. What happened to instilling morals, self respect, scruples and ethics in our children … why are we teaching them how to avoid responsibility?

Folks, this election is about much more than just this war, the price of gas, and who slept with whom. This is about our future, our children and grand-children’s future. Do you want them growing up in this Godless, drug addicted, excuse making, violent society that my generation *changed* for you?

Do we not owe it to ourselves, and yes the rest of this world, to reclaim a sense of decency, pride and honor in our nation?

Would you trust an inexperienced baby sitter with your newborn? Someone that wouldn’t recognize a checkbook to balance yours? Someone that never served a day defending anything to secure your home? Why, oh why, would you want Obama in charge?

John McCain is the only man that can restore our country to what it was once was. Decent, honorable, helpful to all … a beacon of hope to the less fortunate.

Please … think about *change*. And maybe learn from the *changes* made prior to this election.

Change … think about it.

John McCain – Video