Chaos at the Wailing Wall.

Update: The Obama campaign has been criticized in Israel for placing campaign posters all over Judaism’s most holy site, the Wailing Wall. Read the story.

Here is the video of Barack Obama at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem on July 24th 2008. There is a mob scene and chaos as the crowd heckles “Jerusalem is not for Sale, Obama.”

The video is apparently a far cry from the earlier staged appearances by Obama in Afghanistan and Iraq in which the cameras were controlled by the Obama campaign. Here you get a sense of the crowd when Barack Obama cannot control the message.

Obama stayed just long enough for the photo op at the Western Wall. He closed his eyes as if praying, placed the customary note in the wall, and then got out of Dodge to a waiting limousine. The crowd was frenzied and against him. Obama stayed only 12 minutes at the holiest of sites in Israel.

The crowd reaction is emblematic of what Obama has endured in some places on his European tour, appearances that have been carefully hidden from public scrutiny by the campaign. Israeli public opinion polls express alarm at Obama’s frequent contradictory statements on Israel, a collection of which can be found here.

Most alarming to Israelis is that Obama has flip-flopped several times on the status of Jerusalem as the undivided capitol of Israel (or not), apparently depending on what constituency he is speaking to at the moment. These gaffes have prompted analysts to question his foreign policy judgment.

The reaction may explain why Barack Obama can count only 57 members who joined “Israelis for Obama,” of which only six live in the Jewish state.

Barack Obama Heckled in Israel