Here is the Vanity Fair cover which satirizes the tactics used against John McCain. The August 2008 issue will be available shortly at a newsstand near you.

Vanity Fair Cover John McCain

John McCain Vanity Fair Cover

The real target here is the famous Barack Obama New Yorker cover which caused such controversy last week. Vanity Fair is making fun of them, but by doing so will be guilty of the same poor judgment in some people’s minds. Reactions are mixed.

My guess is the liberal media will laugh the Vanity Fair McCain cover off, revealing their usual double-standard. In this case they will be right, and in the former case they were wrong. It’s just art, folks. Even Barack Obama can be made to look ridiculous, and there is nothing wrong with that picture. John McCain will see the humor where Obama was incapable.

The image shows John McCain with a walker doing some kind of patriotic fist bump. The US Constitution is in flames with a portrait of George Bush on the wall. Cindy McCain is apparently holding pills.

According to the publisher, “We here at Vanity Fair maintain a kind of affectionate rivalry with our downstairs neighbors at The New Yorker. We play softball every year, compete for some of the same stories, and share an elevator bank.”

As a parody of the Obama cover, the artwork works. But as a direct satire of McCain, the cover fails in several areas. Notably, the picture of Bush that is in place of the picture of Osama bin Laden that appeared in the New Yorker’s version. Although some liberals might consider George Bush the world’s number one terrorist, even worse than the Al Qaeda leader, it is not a thought that is voiced often or has been used in the campaign.

For comparison with the John McCain Vanity Fair cover, you can see the Obama version below.

coverVanity Fair Cover John McCain 1