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Meet Ann Romney. She is the wife of former Republican presidential candidate and Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. If all the rumors are true, her husband may be John McCain’s running mate! Read her biography and see photos and a video below.

Updated 12/14/08: Ann Romney, the wife of former Massachusetts Governor and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, is reportedly feeling fine after undergoing a lumpectomy yesterday following her recent diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer. This particularly difficult because Ann Romney has Multiple Sclerosis.

“While this is commonly referred to as early-stage breast cancer, it is technically not cancer, but rather precancer, as it has not become invasive,�? Ann Romney said in the statement. “Mitt and I feel fortunate to have caught this so early.�?


By all accounts, Ann is the guiding force in the Romney clan, so when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998, her family was stunned.

“It was tough, and I have to say, I was not an example of strength and courage when I was going through it. I was pretty frightened,” Romney said. “And when you really get down, I felt like I was completely crushed. It was a scary thing, because in so many ways, it changed me. I could go back to full-blown MS at any point.”

There are a number of drug therapies to treat MS. Ann Romney has instead chosen a combination of horseback riding, acupuncture and reflexology — what she describes as a mix of easter and western approaches. It has given her a lifestyle mostly without limitations.

“Everyone has to find their own way. For some, the drugs are miraculous. I wish we had a cure,” Romney said.

The former first lady of Massachusetts volunteers a lot of her time and effort to help raise awareness of multiple sclerosis. By raising funds for advocacy and research, she is determined to make a difference in the lives of people who suffer from the disease.

Ann Romney finds strength in her faith, family and her horses. Her husband calls her “one of America’s great moms” – a description she loves. On the campaign trail, she told a crowd in Michigan that having her five sons and all her grandchildren under one roof was more exciting than her husband’s presidential announcement.

I guess we’ll find out soon if there will be a McCain/Romney ticket and if she’ll be telling that story again out on the stump. She is definitely an incredible woman and an asset to any campaign.

In fact, sources are reporting that Cindy is smitten with Ann. If John McCain listens to his wife, Ann Romney may have determined her husbands future.

This article was originally posted in August, 2008.

Ann Romney Biography

She was born Ann Lois Davies in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan on April 16, 1949 so her age is 59. Her father, originally from Wales, was opposed to all organized religion, although the family was nominally Episcopalian. He was a businessman and mayor of Bloomfield Hills.

Ann knew Mitt Romney since elementary school. They were “re-introduced” and began dating in March 1965 and just 3 months later, at his senior prom, decided they wanted to marry each other.

While he was attending Stanford University for a year and then was away starting two and a half years of Mormon missionary duty in France, she converted to mormonism – guided by Mitt’s parents, then Gov. & Mrs. George Romney. She graduated from high school in 1967 and began attending Brigham Young University.

She and Mitt Romney were married on March 21, 1969 and their first son was born in 1970. The family moved to Boston so that Mitt could attend Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. She finished her undergraduate work by taking night courses at Harvard Extension School, graduating in 1975 with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in French language.

Ann has always been active in all of Mitt’s political campaigns. She is well liked and a thoughtful speaker on the trail.

As mentioned earlier, she was diagnosed in 1998 with Multiple Sclerosis and is a board member for the New England chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and has been given the MS Society’s Annual Hope Award. She is also active in a variety of youth prevention programs.

She and Mitt have now been married 38 years and have 5 sons, 5 daughters-in-law, and 11 grandchildren.

“Ann Romney with Cavuto” Video