China doesn’t want the Dalai Lama at the Olympics and has made that pretty clear. In fact, they aren’t inviting him. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

China has their hands full with the Beijing Olympics coming up. They had to work overtime getting all evidence of protests out of the ‘approved’ media reports about the Olympic Torch Relay. They had to clean up gook that had gathered in the rivers that were to be used as sporting venues. They had the horrific earthquake in May. Their having to clean up their air pollution problems. They are having to make sure everyone knows their rules for reporting things and set up whatever mechanisms they have to set up to make sure those pesky Western reporters don’t get too full of themselves and try to by-pass the communist rules and regulations for reporting the news. The list goes on and on.

And then there’s the Dalai Lama and those irritating Tibetan Monks! These guys are a constant thorn in the side of the Chinese government. They protested the Chinese treatment of Tibet back in March which fueled the flames of protest against the Olympic Torch just as it was winding its way around the world. Not only that, but they stole the world’s headlines. Those guys got more attention than the torch. It has taken some doing to get them to shut-up, sit down and be quiet.

Nothing is worse than a Tibetan Monk with a mission. They have brought down governments and they do it in a way that garners sympathy for them rather than the government they are focusing their attention on. They smile and set themselves on fire. They dare soldiers to shoot them. Then when the Chinese fire on them, the world is aghast at soldiers shooting on unarmed monks.

Here they have the Olympics coming to Beijing. The eyes of the world will be on China and they really, REALLY, don’t like bad press. Then to top it off, the dadgume Dalai Lama told the world that he hopes to attend the Olympics!!!

What to do? What to do?

You see, in order to deal with the riots in March and as a result of pressure from leaders of countries around the world, China said they’d sit down for talks with Tibet. Then the Dalai Lama accused China of not being sincere in their offer for talks. Then China got mad and Tibet’s Communist Party boss Zhang Qingli said that they will ‘totally smash the splittist schemes of the Dalai Lama clique’. And really, the talks are just a resumption of ongoing talks that got disrupted because of the riots of March. Then the International Olympic Committee smacked China on the hand and told them not to politicize the games. Its just been a nightmare.

If the Dalai Lama showed up at the Olympics, it could help China’s image around the world. On the other hand, if he shows up, then his followers will come from all over the world to get a chance to see him and take all of the attention away from China and the Olympics. Plus, the Chinese don’t really believe that he’ll just show up to enjoy the games. They believe he’ll incite more riots and China will end up looking like a big ol’ bully again when they try to put down the riots.

China is more concerned about having control over what goes on within their country than they are about what anyone else in the world thinks. They think the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan monks are nothing but trouble. They already have their hands full trying to control the weather and clean up the air before the world arrives at their doorstep for the big party next month. What to do? Just don’t invite him and keep a close eye and heavy hand on Tibet. That’s what they’ve decided to do.

The Dalai Lama – Video