They’ve adored him from a distance. And now Europeans are about to get a look at Barack Obama, up close and personal. His upcoming European trip has all the makings of a multi-national political love-in!

Europe can scarcely contain itself. Obama T-shirts have been spotted on the streets of London, Paris and Berlin; a restaurant in Naples has a pizza named “The Obama” with toppings of pineapple and bacon; and the internet is full of Facebook groups with names like “Brits for Barack” and “France 4Ob.”

Obamamania is all the rage ahead of next week’s visit to Berlin, Paris and London by a man described in newspapers as a “The John Kennedy of our Time” and Europe’s “Champion” in the race for the White House.

So check this out: if Western Europeans could vote in November’s presidential election (and thank god they can’t), Barack Obama would win easily according to a recent opinion poll conducted on behalf of Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Seventy percent of Italians, 67 percent of Germans, 65 percent of the French and 49 percent of Britons would vote Obama.

This compared to just 15 percent in Italy, 6 percent in Germany, 8 percent in France, and 14 percent in Britain for Obama’s rival, John McCain, whose support for the war in Iraq is seen as a continuation of the policy of President George W. Bush.

“I like his big aura of charisma,” said Samuel Solvit, 22, an economics student at one of France’s elite universities and head of the French Support Committee for Barack Obama.

Yea, Samuel. We’ve noticed that “big aura” too — in almost every photo taken by the mainstream media of the guy!

Glowbama Obama is running for President of the United States isn’t he? Not head of the EU, right? Maybe he thinks taking impressive pictures with Heads of State in magnificent places all across Europe with impress all of us back home — kindof like that impressive little seal he had made up for himself.


John Kennedy & Barack Obama Video