I know I usually do the political and legal stuff on this blog, but I wanted to take a stab at doing something fun, and since I just got back from watching the new Batman flick “The Dark Knight” I thought I would review it for everyone who is thinking of watching it.

First, let me say that I am a comic book geek at heart. I’m 31 years old, but I still actually read comic books even to this day. I’m more of a Marvel guy and love Captain America and The X-men, however, the one DC comic that I have read pretty regularly is Batman. Batman has always been much more of a darker comic, especially compared to something like Superman or Captain America who are both about “truth, justice and the American way.” Batman has never really been about those things. Batman is motivated by his fears, his desire to rectify the travesties of his past, and a hope of cleaning up crime, although he does have a code he lives by, which you get a clear picture of in this film.

I’ve been only luke-warm on past Batman films. Probably my favorite Batman is Micheal Keaton. He really brought that gritty darkness that is needed to portray Batman properly. My least favorite version was “Batman and Robin” with George Clooney. I had the misfortune to watch that movie again last night on TNT and recalled just how horrible he really was. That whole movie is a series of real real bad one-liners and hokey action. However, there is no doubt that Christian Bale is the best Batman ever brought to the big screen. He brings that darkness, that conflicted psyche that one expects from Batman. He was great in “Batman Begins” and he continues to bring it hard in this flick too.

What can I say about Heath Ledger as the Joker? I actually really thought Jack Nicholson did a great job as the Joker and I was really interested to see how Ledger might compare. Not only did he pull it off, he plays one of the best roles of any character ever. Each moment he is on screen is a thrill! He completely steals the show. He really gets to the essence of what the Joker is. The Joker is not about anything really, he is just plain crazy. The Joker has no higher motivation in life except to induce more anarchy. Ledger pulls it off without a doubt. When I first heard rumors that he could win an Oscar for his portrayel I scoffed. However, trust me when I say this, if he doesn’t win an Oscar I will be that shocked. Part of his winning an Oscar will be motiviated by his death, but he will deserve it with no doubt. He was honestly that good. I’ll probably go and watch the flick again just to get more of him. It is such a tragedy that he lost his life so young, his acting is just superb.

As for the plot, etc, I won’t give any spoilers away (although watchout for Two-Face, I didn’t realize he was going to be in the flick), but its very intriging, very dark, and once again captures the essence of the struggle between the Joker and Batman. In fact, there is a great line where the Joker says “I have a feeling we are destined to battle each other for eternity” or something like that. Even if you are not a big comic geek like I am, even if you arn’t a big Batman fan you should like the movie. There is plenty of action, car chases and epic battle scenes.

Update: Record-Breaking Midnight Take – Apparently the flick made $18 million from the midnight shows last night, which edges Star Wars AOTC by about $1 million.
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