This week the Right Pundits caption contest is in honor of the Jesse Jackson Obama comments. You know, the one where he offers to rid Obama of certain parts of his anatomy. That would be gonads. (Can you write gonads on a blog?).

Okay, so I know that’s not Jesse Jackson and I know its not Obama, but what a great photo!!! We might could have used it for a Beijing Olympics theme, but with Jesse still apologizing and hoping – hope against hope – that someone will change the subject from his little – foul – mouthed – open – mic’d – slip – up, it just was too great to pass up. We should really get everything out of it we can before the subject is changed.

So how would you caption it? (It doesn’t have to be Jackson or Obama related!)

Winners will be announced next week.

…. and the winners from last week are ….. :

  • 1st Place – Jim: Quick! Take a picture of what his position is right now. Damn, shutter speed was too slow.
  • 2nd Place – RT: While waiting to catch Obama’s original plan for our country, the batteries on the camera died.
  • 3rd Place – Karen: Looks like a pyramid scheme to me.