Here is the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority “black Barbie” that is causing quite a stir. The AKA Barbie was made to honor the 100-year anniversary and achievements of the sorority, which is the oldest black sorority in America.

Mattel created the commemorative doll for the 100th anniversary convention of Alpha Kappa Alpha which is occurring in Washington DC this week. It is the first sorority doll in their collection but not the first black Barbie.

One of the chief complaints is that the caramel color of the doll does not make the AKA Barbie black enough. The feeling is that it is has been shaded-up for what are the franchise’s mostly white customers. The other complaint is that by honoring an organization with a child’s doll, the important achievements of AKA have been trivialized. Most people find both of these arguments petty. When Right Pundits is honored with a Barbie doll, you will not hear anyone complaining.

Clearly you cannot please all of the people all of the time. Does anyone find it ironic that Barack Obama is facing some of the same complaints as the AKA Barbie?

By the way, you can have one for $50.00 with a share of the proceeds reverting to the sorority.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (Video)