The Obama camp finally released their June fund raising numbers today, and you can see why they were perhaps not so anxious to trumpet their own success. Normally one might think that a $52 million dollar month is a pretty good month, and normally it would be. However, many out there have ratcheted the expectations up so high for Obama that anything short seems disappointing. Many prognosticators had set expectations at raising at least $80 million per month between now and the end of October. In fact, Obama is tracking about even with what Kerry raised in June in 2004. Kerry raised $37.5 mill plus recieved about $14 mill in federal funding. In fact, Obama would have to raise about $61 million in July just to keep even with Kerry. At the end of the day, assuming the current tracking holds true, Obama will probably raise about $250 million for the election, whereas McCain will have about $200 million because of federal funding. One must wonder if it was worth $50 million to completely throw your integrity out the window by going back on your word and not taking federal funding when you said you would?

Still, Obama did raise about twice what McCain raised, which was about $22 million, so that is certainly a good thing for the Obama camp. However, if you look at total money on hand for the RNC/McCain and DNC/Obama the GOP still has a fairly sizeable lead. The GOP has about $100 million in the bank where as the Dems have about $72 million. Of course, the GOP has a lot more seats to defend, so they will need every dime they can raise to keep competitive in what is supposed to be a big Democrat year.

Still, as the old saying goes, money can’t buy happiness. The proof of this? Even though Obama has raised twice what McCain has, the newest Ras daily tracking poll has them in a dead tie, 46-46.