For the brave men and women of our military, and for lesser mortals everywhere, Right Pundits will host our 5th weekly dance party on Friday night, a continuing series from what started on RightLinx Blog. This is a John Kerry-free zone.

This week’s theme is FRENCH, so here is a video by French pop sensation Alizee just as a teaser. Come back Friday night for more Alizee, Mylene Farmer, Charlize Theron, Kayliah, Nouvelle Vague, and the usual surprises. There will certainly be something for everyone.

La Isla Bonita Video

The party will start Friday night so go bookmark the Right Pundits Homepage right now!

We’ve scoured all sources to bring you the hottest, most entertaining, or most culturally interesting dance videos in our very own USO show.

We will release one video each hour beginning at 9pm EST/EDT. Any requests for tonight or future Friday nights are welcome in the comments. And if you simply want more of her, or of him, just say so.

We support the troops, and mean it!