Preparations for the Democratic National Convention are well under way. Everything is being covered, including how to get the Denver homeless out of sight. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

The haves are busy making sure the the have-nots don’t interfere with their good time in Denver for the Democratic National Convention. Oh. I’m kidding. The democratic party is the party of inclusion and compassion. They wouldn’t want the homeless out of sight for their convention.

They are so kind hearted that they want to make sure the homeless are having just as good a time as they are having. Therefore, when the democratic elite jet in on their private jets that they don’t feel guilty about because they pay Al Gore carbon credits to make sure they don’t have too big a carbon footprint, they will make sure that the homeless of Denver are enjoying the Denver Zoo, movies and other fun attractions in town well away from the convention site.

A plan has been developed to provide interested homeless people with free access to cultural activities. They include the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and they won’t have to worry about paying for transportation.

“We’ll have bus tokens if they need them,” Parvensky said.

Also five, big screen TVs are being donated to a teen day shelter. One hope is to engage some of the homeless children in the political process by allowing them to see convention unfold on television. But another purpose is to draw them away from the streets while the Convention is underway.

Its for the good of the Denver homeless, of course. No one in the democratic party would think for a nano-second of being so insensitive as to try to pretend the homeless don’t exist and to see them as an unattractive sight that they’d want to rid themselves of for the convention. Not. For. A. Second!

So, in typical democratic fashion, they are redefining words. They are talking about including the homeless in the convention by getting them as far away from the convention as possible. See how that works? Its just so cool! We want to include them – they say – so lets move them far away – they do. Its all about words versus actions and redefining the definition of words. Like what the definition of is, is.

They say its all about providing the homeless with activities during the day so that they don’t have to be harassed by people like Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore and the like.

Oh, and they are making sure they get them all registered to vote and arraigning for transportation to the polls in November while they’re at it.

Denver Homeless – Video