Barack Obama throws Brandenburg Gate speech under the bus! Thankfully.

A speech in front of the famous Brandenburg Gate on July 24th is no longer “a priority” for Barack Obama’s campaign team during the European leg of an upcoming overseas tour. His handlers believe the debate over his speech at that historical site has caused too much excitement already.

Calling this a major speech on the future of transatlantic relations, it will be given at another location in Berlin. Team Obama made the change in response to questions at home and abroad.

“Senator Obama looks forward to his visit to Germany and his opportunity to meet with the chancellor,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton told the Associated Press on Wednesday He has considered several sites for a possible speech, and he will choose one that makes the most sense for him and his German hosts.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel, viewed by many as the most influential politician in Europe, made her feelings well known. A spokesman for the chancellor said Obama’s choice to hold the speech at the historic setting was “odd” and that Merkel has “little sympathy for the Brandenburg Gate being used for electioneering and has expressed her doubts about the idea.”

Obama now seem concerned that a speech in front of Berlin’s most famous monument would be seen as an attempt to link him with higher-profile addresses like the one given by President Ronald Reagan, who appeared there in 1987 or even President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

The saga of “Brandenburg Gate-gate” simply emphasizes yet again the ridiculous arrogance of the candidacy of Barack Obama and underscores incredible foreign policy naivité on his part and that of his planners. We all know that alot of care goes into the backdrops chosen for candidates and their speeches – perfect flags, clever banners, people of the right demographics. If Obama just wanted a pretty background, he could give the speech in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. But no. He wanted the Brandenburg Gate, a far more powerful image…

Once a cold-blooded example of Germany’s Cold War division, the Brandenburg Gate stood for 28 years behind the Berlin Wall in communist East Germany’s heavily fortified border zone. These days, it is a symbol of the country’s reunification. It’s a symbol of how the West overcame the Cold War and a speech there would bestow on Obama the all important political “gravitas” better than any other location in all of Berlin.

Or so he hoped.

There is some local pushback however:

“A decision to prevent Obama’s speech before the Gate just because he’s not a head of state would be ‘ridiculous’ and ‘bureaucratic nonsense’ according to opposition FDP Party leader Guido Westerwelle, who recalled past German election campaigns: ‘every crank has been allowed to give a speech there.'”

So there you go. And just for the record, I did not call Obama a crank.

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