In the longest All Star game in history, the American League beat the National League 4-3 in 15 innings. The game lasted until well after 1am New York time, the final All Star game in Yankee Stadium.

Just when it appeared there was no hope for a conclusion from the current gridlock, Senator Obama stepped to plate offering change. After two change-ups, and as the crowd chanted “Yes we can” Obama pointed to the deep left-center field bleachers. Suddenly the crowd sensed history, just as George Herman Ruth provided once before in a scene that is forever seared into every school boy’s consciousness.

After two more change-ups and an unfair slider, the count was 3-2 with the raucous crowd anticipating an historic home-run from their new hero. That is when Obama flailed a routine pop fly into short right field, easily caught. Senator John McCain’s mad dash home from third base scored the winning run and the game was over.

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Well, it went something like that. What are your impressions of the All Star game. Long nights like this make me glad to be on the west coast.