Tony Blair has canceled a planned trip to Gaza following revelations of specific plans to kidnap and murder him by al-Qaeda and Hamas operatives. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

Tony Blair was scheduled to tour a water project and meet traders in Gaza today as part of his role as a Middle East diplomat. He had to cancel his trip after Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence service uncovered an assassination plot. Apparently, Hamas along with the Army of Islam, both associated with al-Qaeda, had specific plans to ‘kidnap and slaughter’ the former British Prime Minister.

The terrorists groups did what they do. They bragged on Arabic internet sites about their plans to take out the ‘criminal’. They use lovely words like referring to Blair as a ‘dog’ and ‘the enemy of God’. Honestly, I thought George Bush was the only real ‘enemy of God’ in their view. But apparently, anyone who doesn’t agree with them meets the criteria to be dogs and enemies of God in their view.

But wait. We are the intolerant ones. How could I have forgotten that for a second. We just need to understand them better.

Of course, they were hopeful to get the opportunity to slaughter him on camera so they could use the video all over the internet as yet another sign of their victory over the West. You see, its only brutality when we ask them questions, not when they cut out heads off. We have to keep the rules straight.

When the operatives heard of Blair’s planned trip they planned through the night. Their plan was specific enough that it caused enough concern for Blair to be forced to cancel the trip. One terrorists, Hamza al-Ghamdi, wrote ‘Oh God, the idea occurred to me of kidnapping him and slaughtering him.’ These are such fun loving guys.

Blair would certainly be a high valued target for the terrorists groups. Can you just imagine the kind of propaganda that would generate on their behalf? Of course, leftist groups and anti-war pacifists blame Blair for the threat and make comments about his ability to turn back his convoy when the threat was made known as opposed to Soldiers who have no choice. They forget, of course, that the military is voluntary and that when you are at war, it would be disastrous for the enemy to get their hands on a leader. What would happened had Hitler captured Churchill? Well, that’s not a good comparison. Even the Nazis had a sense of honor in warfare that is completely absent from the enemy we face today. As low as that bar was, this one is even lower.

Tony Blair – Video
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