Paterson, New Jersey is the latest place trying to get a baggy pants ban. The fashion trend that has many in the country saying ‘no’ to crack. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

City officials in Paterson, New Jersey say they are tired of seeing people’s underwear when they are walking down the street. They are joining a long list of communities across the nation that have addressed the baggy pants issue. It has to be one of the silliest fashion trends other than maybe the powder blue suits of the 70s. Okay, well, there have been a few over the years. But the baggy or saggy pants is right up there at the top of the list.

One of the funniest Cops shows I’ve seen is one in which there was a car chase. You know how they go. The cops chase the car until it gets cornered or runs out of gas and then the thugs in the car jump out and try to outrun the police. In this particular case, when the car finally stopped, three guys jump out of the car and start running. All of them were having to hold up their pants. First one, then the other tripped over their pants that were down around their knees. The third kept running a little long, holding up his pants. He had to stop a time or two and pull his pants up from around his ankles. Finally, the pants fell all the way down and his feet got all tangled up in them and he fell flat on his face. The police surrounded him and that was the end of the story.

It was a hoot to watch.

I’m sure that now that the guys are in prison (hopefully), they are in step with the fashion of their new surroundings.

I look at these guys walking down the street with their boxers hanging out and holding their little wee-wees in an apparently attempt to look cool while holding their pants up. Their legs look like they amount to about one foot of their total height and their body is a shapeless mass with a little head poking out from the top. I don’t see the attraction. Its hard for me to see what is sexy about that look. But hey …. to each their own. No accounting for people’s tastes. Not to mention, if they are little criminals, it really makes it hard for them to outrun anybody.

A lot of people have a problem with the look. It is fashioned after jail house attire. The underlying message is that its cool to be a convict or gangsta. That is the problem a lot of people have with that look and I understand that. Still, I’m not really into dictating what anyone can wear or should wear … within reason. If you want to look like you can’t keep your hands off your own little thangie and like your legs are made out of globed up playdo and are a couple of feet too short for your body – then hey, that’s your choice.

They don’t let you wear belts in prison either, so its good practice.

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