There is controversy surrounding The New Yorker Obama cover this week. The liberal blogs are in an uproar about it and both the Obama campaign and the McCain campaign have condemned it. The artist calls it satire. Here is the illustration. Read more about it below and let us know your opinion.

This week’s New Yorker cover is really stirring things up in the liberal blogsphere and not in a good way. The liberals are extremely pissed off about the cover illustration.

The artist who did the illustration is called The Politics of Fear and the artist is Barry Blitt and he is in the position of having to defend his artwork. The New Yorker put out a press release that explains that the illustration “satirizes the use of scare tactics and misinformation in the Presidential election to derail Barack Obama’s campaign.”

I personally find that interesting that there is an uproar about this piece seeing as how you can exhibit Jesus Christ covered in urine and it is considered ‘art’, you can satirize anyone in the Bush administration in the most insulting ways anyone can imagine and its quite alright and you can certainly make horribly derogatory remarks, cartoons and websites about John McCain and everyone is just fine with that. They can defend themselves after all. Barack needs his followers to scream loudly in his defense.

The Obama campaign has put out a statement calling the cover “tasteless and offensive” and the McCain campaign agreed. The right wing blogs point out that while the cover employs all of what they call the right-wing scare tactics about the Obamas and the attached article explains all that, the right wing is just not going to get past the imagery to the article and so it only supports those scare tactics. The right wing is just not sophisticated enough to get the joke.

They also claim that the illustrator was just too scared to make a joke at McCain’s expense. Yeah. We all know how dangerous THAT could be compared to actually attempting to treat Obama on the same level as any other political candidate.

Well, the Obamas are drawn in the Oval Office, toting AK-47s, wearing combat boots, burning the flag, wearing a turban and muslim-like garb. And doing the fist bump.

I wonder if the New Yorker will pull the cover before it goes on sale or if they’ll let it stand. A good controversy is good for sales. On the other hand, making any kind of statement that could in any way be misconstrued to be negative about the Obamas is truly a dangerous thing to do.