He isn’t even born yet, so photo and video are not available. I’m sure his parent’s will be willing to sell his image when he makes his arrival this winter, however.

Orlando, Florida radio hosts Richard Dixon and J. Willoughby offered a lousy $100.00 (that’s one hundred) gas card to the person with the most interesting trade to offer.

David Partin, sperm donor extraordinaire to Samantha Bailey, offered to let the jockey’s choose the name of his son for one hundred dollars worth of gas. The jocks decided the baby’s name is Dixon AND Willoughby Partin. Yes, the AND stays in the name.

Naming your child ESPN for a hefty scholarship fund is one thing … but a meager $100.00 gas card borders on child abuse as far as I’m concerned. What the hell kind of name is Dixon AND Willoughby? This is a human being, with a life and future in front of him, and his birth units decide to make a mockery of his life before he even makes his appearance.

Names are important and often define you. The two jockey’s should be fired for accepting this ridiculous trade. How insensitive, cruel.

They won’t turn over the gas card until they are presented with the birth certificate, either.

Samantha Bailey told the Orlando Sentinel that “at least he will have an interesting story about how he got his name”

Yeah, that and his parents were too irresponsible to bother getting married.

I wonder what else these two fools will do to dampen their son’s future. I also wonder if some kind-hearted soul will offer $100.01 (one hundred plus a penny) to have them leave the AND off? The way these two think, I bet they would accept it.

It’s a shame these two have been allowed to breed.