Tony Snow, the former press secretary for President Bush and conservative radio talk show host has died at the young age of 53 after battling cancer for several years. Tony Snow was a long time print journalist before moving onto to other mediums. In addition to his brief stint at the White House, Mr. Snow also worked with Fox News and Fox Radio.

Snow, although passionate about conservative causes, was also known for his fairness to those with opposing points of view. As press secretary, he once publicly apologized to NBC’s David Gregory after a testy exchange at a press conference that had occurred on a previous day. He criticized President Bush on numerous occasions although not while working for the administration. As press secretary Snow’s wit and humor were often employed as a tool to assist him with a press corp that is generally combative. This was marked departure from his predecessor, Scott McClellan, whose press conferences were known for their blandness.

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Again, Tony Snow, conservative commentator and journalist dies at the age of 53.