Anna Faris is an actress, model and singer. The 31 year old stated recently she had been anointed … oops … meant to say named … as the 80+ playboy Hugh Hefner’s *honorary* girlfriend. Read her biography and see photo’s and video below.

Anna Faris Biography

Born in Baltimore, Maryland on 29 November, 1971, Anna Faris grew up a bit north of Seattle, Washington in the town of Edmonds. She is the daughter of Jack and Karen Faris and has a brother, Bob.

She attended Edmonds Woodway High School, and studied English literature at the University of Washington. Her first film was Lovers Lane in 1999 and she had breakout role in the horror film parody Scary Movie in 2000.

She claims to be a natural blonde and is 5’5″.

Anna Faris has a starring role in the yet to be released movie “The House Bunny”, which includes … uh ….. umm … yeah … the Hugh Hefner dude. Along with Hefner’s 3 over endowed and *natural* blond other girlfriends.

When Anna was asked about her role she stated “I did very little to emotionally prepare — I worked out, got hair extensions and bought lots of padded bras.” Now that she has enhanced her bank account, she can perhaps enhance a couple of other things. Padded bra’s are sooo expensive these days!

It’s rumored that Hefner’s other 3 playthings Kendra, Holly and Bridget … oops again … that’s playmates, right? are not that eager to befriend Anna. Awwww.

Hugh Hefner’s response to the rumored tiff was “Girls will be girls, and there are moments where they will disagree. The amazing thing, quite frankly, is that we’re all together after six years.”

I personally think the *amazing* thing about Hefner is no one has ever called him a paedophile. What is wrong with this guy that he has to get his hands on these young girls ? Granted, he waits until they are legal, but still….

It’s my belief that Hugh Hefner knowingly exploits young women for his own perverted desires, NOT to help them realize their dreams. The easiest way for a female to make money is to simply take her clothes off. It doesn’t take talent or brains….just a willingness to get nekkid and be viewed as an exhibitionist, and/or worse. These females set a horrible example for our youth. Always have, but even more so today as we can’t protect out children the way we used to. Trashy women are all over the T.V., on the news, in the movies, the internet.

Hugh Hefner … just one of the reasons out nation has become morally bankrupt.

Anna Faris – Video