Yet another doomsday threat from Hollywood is in: if Barack Obama doesn’t win the presidency in November, “you can kiss the Democratic Party goodbye”, so says the actor and director Robert Redford in Dublin, Ireland.

Speaking to reporters at Trinity College in advance of his conferral with an honorary degree by the university today, Redford said he hoped Obama would win because while John McCain “represents yesterday”, the Democrat embodied the sort of change America needed.

When asked by a local reporter if he was looking forward to “regime change” in the US, Redford had this to say:

“Yes. Where my country is at the moment, I’m not confident of anything. I’m hopeful.

“I think Obama is not tall on experience . . . but I believe he’s a really good person. He’s smart. And he does represent what the country needs most now, which is change.

“I hope he’ll win. I think he will. If he doesn’t, you can kiss the Democratic Party goodbye. I think we need new voices, new blood. We need to get a whole group out, get a new group in.”

It’s all about hopechangery people! For Hollywood, there’s only one real savior candidate to support. Like other democratic presidential nominee’s before him, Barack Obama can count on the entertainment industry as one of his most ardent support systems in both public endorsements, as in the case of Redford and others, and in abundant sources of Democratic campaign cash.

From Alec Baldwin to Susan Sarandon and her silly husband Tim Robbins, to that nutroot Barbra Steisand and now Robert Redford, it happens every time there’s a presidential election. Some Hollywood celebrity comes out and announces that if the candidate they don’t like wins the election, they are going to leave the country or it’s the end of civilization as we know it or some other absolutely ridiculous statement.

They say these things with such a sense of high drama, like everybody really cares. You know what the real problem is? They never really leave the country like they promised! And those with doomsday messages like Redford? Just a bad case of over-acting. I say 2 thumbs down!

Here’s the good news for McCain supporters: Americans may flock out and buy soap, beer or cars because of celebrity endorsements, but voters by and large don’t like being told who to vote for by their favorite TV superhero or movie superstar – in fact the backlash can be sure and swift.

Poor Obama. Hollywood simply doesn’t know how to keep their pie holes shut.

Oh, and Redford? He was asked by those local Dublin reporters if he harbors any political ambitions of his own. Redford insightfully said “No. Never did, never would. That would be a great mistake.” Thank god!

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