Barack Obama loves the sound of his own voice, but its starting to grate on many of the rest of us. He’s just flat out boring. Read more below. There are also photos and a video of why he’s unelectable.

I have finally been able to put my finger on what it is that the democrats have been trying to keep the public from knowing. Barack Obama is boring. This is a secret. Its a super secret. Please don’t tell the democrats that we are on to this fact because they still have time to change their minds and put Hillary at the top of the ticket and get her 18 million voters back. Remember, she didn’t END her campaign, she just suspended it.

A campaign against Hillary would be fun too, but that’s a whole other story.

The man LOVES the sound of his own voice. He goes on and on and on and on. If you pay attention during his speeches – not to him but to the audience – you’ll notice that their eyes start glassing over. Then all of the sudden he’ll say ‘HOPE’ and they’ll all rouse up and start applauding and jumping up and down. When they settle down he starts talking again. Their eyes start glassing over and he goes on and on and on. Then he’ll say ‘CHANGE’. WHOOP! The crowd explodes again into applause and standing ovations. Then … back to the speech. He does the ‘HOPE’ and ‘CHANGE’ thing periodically through his speeches to wake everyone up and then gets on with his speech. Then he ends with ‘YES WE CAN’. Woah! That’s the coup de gras! The crowd erupts in manic adulation and mass hysteria.

If you ask one of his followers what he spoke about they’ll usually say ‘hope’ and ‘change’. It seems they cling to the fantasy of hoping for change although no one seems to know exactly what that means. I have yet to hear anyone really give a serious explanation of what he stands for other than his own political ambition.

Obama and Clinton both spoke at the Hilton Hotel in New York City at a gathering for Women for Obama. The New York Observer observed that Clinton was the star attraction. Her speech was brief, funny and gracious to her former rival. Obama on the other hand kept forgetting about Clinton and his speech was described as ‘sedate and lengthy’. Oh my!

You can only rephrase that 2002 speech so many ways before it starts getting a little stale.

Can anyone honestly tell us Obama’s meaningful speech moments? Other than Chris Matthews getting thrills up his legs (an image no one wants in their heads!). Is there an ‘Ask not what you country can do for you …’ moment? Or a ‘Bring down this wall’ moment? Or a ‘I have a dream’ moment? Or a ‘I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.’ moment? Surely, the great speaker, the great speech maker would have at least one of those great speech moments that stands out in people’s minds! Surely? Nope. None.

You know, if dems paid attention to history that might take a lesson from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Remember the other dude that gave a speech that day? I KNOOOW!!!! Nobody does. That’s the point. He looked down his nose at Lincoln’s brief notes and extemporaneous comments that day. He gave a long – LOOONNNGGG – boring speech. No one remembers it. No one remembers his name. No one remembers who he is and a lot of people don’t even remember that someone else spoke that day at Gettysburg. On the other hand, everyone remembers Lincoln’s speech. It is one of the greatest, most important speeches given in the history of our country. It was short, to the point and powerful.

My curmudgeonly husband would call that an economy of words. Obama would do well to learn how to use an economy of words. But that’s not likely to happen. He does love the sound of his own voice.

Barack Obama – Video