Guess what day this is? Its the day of this week’s Right Pundits caption contest! HEH!

Above is a photo of people listening to Obama speak on ‘economic security for America’s women’ yesterday at a ‘town hall meeting’ in Fairfax, Virginia. Lordy, Lordy. You know, when most of us think of ‘town hall meetings’ we think of a give-n-take kind of situation. You know, asking and answering questions. Kinda like John McCain does. Someone apparently needs to fax the definition of ‘town hall meeting’ to Barack’s handlers STAT. Never mind, he likes to speak and that’s what he does … speak. So here are people listening to him speak.

Can you caption it? Give it your best shot!

Winners will be announced next week.

…. and the winners from last week are ….. :

  • 1st Place – Buffoon: My stamp wore off, your on your own at the keg kiddo…
  • 2nd Place – elliot: Hey, how did you get a secret decoder bracelet? The secret service said I was the only one getting one. Why those #$@!%&!!
  • 3rd Place – Jim: Damn, son. I thought I was Lilly white.