Meet Mara Carfagna, Italian Cabinet Minister of Equal Opportunity. Opponents of the right-wing government of Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi are using her history as a topless model to undermine the Prime Minister through rumor and not-so-subtle innuendo. Read more about the controversies, her biography and see photos and a video of her below.

People just can’t stand it when a beautiful, super hot woman is successful. They have to bring her down. Such is the problem that Italy’s equal opportunity minister is having. Mara Carfagna is young, beautiful, sexy, smart and one of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s ‘little butterflies’. That reminds me just a little of Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s Babes. Remember them?

Powerful men like beautiful women around them, and they can have them … around them that is. So don’t blame her for the nickname Berlusconi gives the beautiful women he surrounds himself with. Its. Not. Her. Fault. She’s. Beautiful.

Of course, she used to be a topless, almost naked, sexy model … but she’s quick to point out she wasn’t an ‘erotic’ model. I’m not sure what the distinction is, but it appears to be important to her. All the same, a girl has to do what a girl has to do and now she’s a perfectly respectable cabinet minister and is working her tush off for the good of the people of Italy.

She’s endured a lot of criticism and rumors. People were a little shocked when Berlusconi appointed her to the post because she had no political experience and was so young. To make matters worse, he made the comment that he’d gladly marry Ms. Carfagna if only he weren’t already married. THAT didn’t go over well with his wife of many years and mother of his children who promptly sent a letter to the newspapers demanding a public apology from him … which he promptly did.

Now, Italian newspapers have been spreading rumors about ‘relations’ between the Prime Minister and a certain cabinet minister. They suggested the former playboy leader of Italy had received oral favors from ‘an unnamed woman’ in the service of the country. This week comedian Sabina Guzzanti named that ‘unnamed minister’ as Mara Carfagna. Carfagna is NOT happy about this. In fact, she’s suing Guzzanti for the ‘vulgar and fanciful’ jokes she made at the minister’s expense.

Lord, I love European politics.

Mara Carfagna Biography

Maria Rosaria Carfagna was born on December 18, 1975 in Salerno, Italy. She is 32-years-old. Her father is Salvatore Carfagna and is the principal of the Institute Santa Caterina da Siena and her mother is a teacher. She has one brother who is a plastic surgeon.

Mara graduated from the Scientific High School in Salerno and from the University of Salerno with a degree in law in 2001. She graduated with honors. Carfagna worked as a model and in Italian television. She was also a showgirl.

She entered politics in 2006 when she was elected into the Chamber of Deputies for the party of The People of Freedom. She was appointed to her current position by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on May 8, 2008. She has been referred to as ‘the most beautiful minister in the world.’

Carfagna ascribes to conservative views. She has said that she was raised with a strong sense of family and a strong work ethic. She has taken conservative stances in her tenure in parliament which has drawn criticism, but she has stuck to her guns. She refused to back a gay rights parade because, she said, that discrimination against gays is no longer a problem in Italy. She also has called herself an ‘anti-feminist’, that independence is not as important as discipline and rules.

Mostly, she has had to deal with drooling males while she has tried to do her job. She has earned a reputation as hard-working, disciplined and diligent. Seriously, its hard for a beautiful, sexy woman to be taken seriously in the work place. Good luck, Mara!

Mara Carfagna – Video