In a break with tradition, Barack Obama will accept the Democratic presidential nomination at Invesco Field, a 76,000-seat stadium in Denver, rather than at the site of the party’s national convention across town. This is to accommodate the expectedly huge masses of worshipers supporters wanting to celebrate with him.

Obama is set to accept the nomination with a victory speech on the night of Aug. 28, the last day of the Democratic National Convention. The date is set for Obama to become the nation’s first African-American major party nominee and will mark the 45th anniversary of the “I Have A Dream? speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Obama is also following in the footsteps of John F. Kennedy, who in Los Angeles in 1960, accepted the Democratic nomination in the Memorial Coliseum rather then the convention site. Everything is beautifully orchestrated to make quite a “magical moment” and give Obama a huge bounce in the polls coming out of Denver.

Interesting symbolism don’t you think?

Obamalot. The morphing of 2 icons from history into a single supremely magnificent leader — it’s the hopes and dreams of democrats everywhere! JFK’s coolness and political freshness coupled with Dr. King’s promise of deliverance from our national sin. Definitely powerful and potentially quite treacherous.

It’s a clear mark of Obama’s grandiose arrogance confidence in his own destiny that he welcomes comparisons not just to Kennedy and King but even to Abraham Lincoln. However, should he lose, the comparisons will be more along the lines of John Kerry and Michael Dukakis, who both blew huge leads and well, you know the rest and it hasn’t been pretty for them.

All of this is just another example (in a very long list) of the HYPE and HOPECHANGERY that comes from the Obama candidacy. Apparently we can now add MAKE BELIEVE and VANITIES to the list as well!

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