Jessie Jackson is apologizing for a crude remark he made about Barack Obama after an interview at Fox News. He said that he thought the microphone was off. He said that he talks down to black people (a version of the “elitist” tag placed on him by others). CNN, of course would not print the remark. Fox News mentioned that the remark was about cutting off a part of Obama’s anatomy. Fox News stated that the remark was caught on tape, but did not make the tape available online. It doesn’t appear to have made it onto YouTube either. CNN is also reproting that Jesse Jackson, Jr. “repudiates his father’s ugly rhetoric.” Jesse Jr. works for Obama – that should be a quiet dinner tonite in the Jackson household….

Jackson had earlier accused Obama of acting likes he’s white (what ever that means).

Once the video is released (FoxNews is supposed to release it within the next few hours) I will update this post.

Stay tuned!

***Update*** 7:35 PM O’Reilly will cover it on his show in 25 minutes (8 PM EST)

Fox News has now aired the remark (sort of):

He whispered to the host, and said, “Osama talks down to black People… in the black churches, he really talks down to black people, you know?” He then pursed his lips.

Why on earth did he think that the mike was off? Yikes!

***Update*** 8:05 PM

O’Reilley kept his promise. The missing words were, “I want to cut his nuts off.” The italicized word was bleeped by Fox, but lip reading was fairly easy.

I’m sorry, there is no level of apology for that type of remark. It is offensive, mean-spirited and directed to a black man by a black man makes it even more sickening, given the history of systematic societal emasculation of the black fathers and husbands during slavery and then later during Jim Crow (hence the “boy” insult).

Jesse in a crude manner just called Obama a “boy.” Shameful.