Here is just another example of political correctness gone absolutely insane. During a recent meeting of the Dallas County commissioner meeting, things kind of took a turn for the worse. Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield (yep, he’s white) stated that central collections “has become a black hole” because a large amount of paperwork had gotten lost. Outraged, Commissioner John Price (you guessed it, he’s black) yelled back at Mayfield that the office had become a “white hole.” Apparently Price had no idea what a black hole is, but wasn’t going to take any racial rhetoric from some white guy who is trying to blame the apparent failures of the processing office on black people. But wait, it gets more bizare. This exchanged prompted Judge Thomas Jones (yeah, he’s black too) demand that Mayfield apologize for the racially insensitive analogy. At least this “judge” (I use the term very lightly here) kinda knew what a black hole was, but he thought it was insensitive?!?!?!?! Seriously, how does one become a public official, a judge even, and think the scientific term that describes the collapsing of a star has some kind of racial component to it? Have people completely lost their minds?

This reminds me of another story in which a staffer to Mayor Williams (black mayor) of Washington D.C. was fired for using the word “niggardly” in reference to a budget. A black colleague thought this was some racial slur and lodged a complaint which got the guy fired. First, how does one advance in civil government to that point and not know what the term niggardly means. Also, if you were wondering the term niggardly derives from the Norwegian verb “nigle” which means petty or unimportant, which is a good term to describe this schmuck Judge Jones

I will say this for political correctness, it does produce some laughable situations like the two above.