Barack Obama has opened a rift with the German government over his desire to speak in Berlin. The political gaffe has dumbfounded veteran political analysts on both sides of the aisle as it threatens one of the key foundations of Obama’s message of change.

Barrack Obama has promised he can improve relations between ourselves and other nations. Instead Angela Merkel, the leader of Germany, is angry at his political posturing on German soil.

Barack Obama is insisting that Germany accommodate his desire to speak in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, in order to have a campaign photo opportunity that can be used to emphasize his foreign policy credentials back home. The Brandenburg Gate, of course, once separated Western Europe from the Iron Curtain, and now serves as a powerful symbol of freedom from tyranny.

The problem is that the German government does not want Obama there. They do not want such a symbol used for politicking by any political candidate from any country. It is an emotional symbol of deep import and lingering pain to the citizens of Germany.

“The Brandenburg Gate is the best known and most historically significant site in Germany,” said a spokesman for the German government. Only elected presidents have ever been allowed to speak there.

The Obama campaign is now circumventing the German government by appealing directly to the mayor of Berlin, who is a liberal Obama supporter. Apparently Obama will insist on the photo op whether Germany wants it or not, which has opened a major rift between the German government, the Obama campaign, and the mayor of Berlin. Of all things!

Apparently the German government will be powerless to stop him. The potential scene conjures up memories of Hugo Chavez marching on the streets of New York. The Venezuelan dictator took advantage of our democratic freedoms in 2007 against the expressed wishes of his hosts and common courtesy.

Germany on Obama